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Are you stressed out? Have you ever asked yourself why your life is so busy? Listen as Dr. David Ireland shares the 80/20 rule. Putting it in place will help you prioritize and

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How do you "pray the promise"? God's promises can dispel all types of darkness--addiction, fear, mental anguish. Aligning with God's promises through prayer is like dwelling in a separate kingdom--blessings come. Today Dr.

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How can you help others wake up? Is someone you care about not changing for the better? Stop talking. Pray instead. Go to God and ask for them to be moved. God welcomes

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How can I pray with faith when I am just a beginner? Sometimes, when we are first learning how to pray, we can be hard on ourselves...but we don't need to know everything

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How do you see a life that harbors unforgiveness? Like daylilies, robust and joyous, forgiveness is a blessing that flows through our hearts, lighting our lives. It is critical to the soul. Satan,

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How do you fight off troubles in your life? Christian life is not all spirituality all the time. It is sometimes war. The Bible teaches us that rather than go to battle with

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What are your "grace" gifts? From the time you were a kid, you probably displayed certain natural strengths. Were you often leading games with your playmates? Did you have a tendency to help

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How may I ripen at the proper time? For the fruit of a peach tree to grow sweet and succulent, the plant must grow at the right pace and ripen in season. The

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What do compassion and leadership have in common? The great Nehemiah, a prisoner of war in Babylon, wept when he learned about the devastation of his people in Jerusalem. Is that leadership? Dr.

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How does God nourish you? God, the consummate gardener, takes special care of his beautiful landscapes. He ensures you receive the right amount of sunlight, waters your soul, and provides nutrients fitting to