Keynote Speaker

I am grateful to have garnered over 25 years of extensive experience in addressing national and international audiences in over 40 nations including Slovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Germany, India, Cuba, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Latin America.

Upcoming Events & Speaking Engagements

I speak to a range of issues and needs in widely diversified environments—with audiences ranging from the NBA’s Rookies Transition Program, the New York Giants and Jets NFL teams, the United States Pentagon, universities, and church and leadership conferences worldwide.

I also regularly address government leaders in my role as an appointed member of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Faith-Based Initiatives and Advisory Board to New Jersey Governor’s Safe Streets and Neighborhoods Oversight Committee. And, as a board member, I address the boards of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary, and several nonprofit management groups. I frequently provide consultation on the topic of governance and board development.


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"He is a charismatic speaker, and the appeal of his sermons... is that they focus in the Bible... as pratical guide for everyday life."
The New York Times
"Every teaching of Dr. Ireland gives you the details and wisdom of a Ph.D., but also the love and compassion of a child."
Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback
Kurt Warner
"I admire the ministry of this church [Christ Church] and what you [Dr. Ireland] try to do to bring our community together."
New Jersey
Former Governor Jon Corzine