In today’s economy, a major challenge to business success is developing and retaining leaders who can meet new and ever-changing demands.

My leadership consulting services are designed to strengthen the emerging and existing leaders within your organization toward sustainable and progressive success.

Leadership development is a process by which individuals and groups undergo a series of training sessions aimed at broadening their leadership skills, usually to benefit the organization where they are employed. As your leadership consultant, I offer leadership development tools aimed at advancing the effectiveness of leaders at various levels of the organization.

The exact format of my consulting with your organization can be tailored to suit your needs—from a one-day seminar to a yearlong contractual agreement to a host of options in between. Meeting the stated objective will be my primary focus. If what you’re looking for is a mentoring approach to your development as an executive leader, perhaps you should explore my coaching program.

My Experience

I have an earned Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Regent University’s School of Global Leadership and completed post-doctoral work in nonprofit management at The University of Pennsylvania. As your leadership development consultant, I bring over 25 years in highly visible positions requiring community relations, fundraising, broadcast, and press expertise.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Improving Leadership Performance
  • Goal Setting
  • Establishing a Life-Development Plan
  • Sustainable Change Leadership
  • Strategic Diversity Planning
  • Church Growth & Pastoral Ministry
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Government and Community Relations
  • Board Selection & Board Development
  • Governance & Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Succession Planning
  • Crisis Management

I remember meeting Dr. David Ireland for the first time almost two decades ago and saying to myself—that is a smart, Jesus-loving, highly organized and gifted communicator of the Gospel and leadership.

DR. SAMUEL R. CHANDAuthor, Cracking Your Church's Culture Code

I've had the privilege of being with Dr. Ireland as he has ministered to members of the New York Giants at their pre-game chapel services. His godly character, knowledge of the Scriptures, and skillful presentations of God's Word encouraged and strengthened the men. 'Ask him back' is the request I hear regularly from the athletes after Dr. Ireland visits.

GEORGE MCGOVERNChapel Leader, New York Yankees (formerly in same role with NY Giants)