Leadership Consulting

Are you looking to strengthen the emerging and existing leaders within your organization toward sustainable and progressive success?

In today’s economy, a major challenge to business success is developing and retaining leaders who can meet new and ever-changing demands. Using proven strategies from my years of leadership development, I have developed a series of training sessions for individuals and groups aimed at broadening their leadership skills. This not only gives them the needed tools to grow personally and professionally, but it also greatly benefits their organization.

As your leadership consultant, I offer development tools aimed at advancing the effectiveness of leaders at various levels of the organization. The exact format of my consulting with your organization can be tailored to suit your needs—from a one-day seminar to a yearlong contractual agreement to a host of options in between.

Meeting the stated objective will be my primary focus. If what you’re looking for is a mentoring approach to your development as an executive leader, perhaps you should explore my coaching program.

About Dr David Ireland

My Experience

I have an earned Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Regent University’s School of Global Leadership and completed post-doctoral work in nonprofit management at The University of Pennsylvania. As your leadership development consultant, I bring over 25 years in highly visible positions requiring community relations, fundraising, broadcast, and press expertise.

Leadership and Organizational Development

  • Executuve Coaching & Shaping Organizational Culture
  • Executive Administration & Social Justice
  • Pastoral Ministry & Non-Profit Management
  • Governance & Board Development
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training
  • Succession Planning & Leadership Development
  • Social Innovation & Strategic Planning
My Experience


The David Ireland Executive Coaching Program is designed to support senior/lead pastors and members of their senior executive management team (executive pastors, chiefs of staff, senior associates) in developing healthy organizations, experiencing congregational growth, and increasing the effectiveness of their church/organization.

Few understand the world of senior executives. It involves everything from remaining relevant in your community, and breaking through growth plateaus, to developing healthy church systems, fundraising, and managing your family and personal life.

After more than 25 years in the trenches as an executive-level lead pastor, I can attest to having experienced everything you’re going through to some degree or another. Without running down the laundry list of storms I’ve weathered in growing a 10,000-member church, suffice it to say, my faith has been tried, trampled, and at times tortured. Yet the faithfulness of God has kept me, and He will also keep you. Sadly, many of our colleagues have fallen by the wayside—plagued by rampant financial inefficiencies, moral failure, church splits, ineffective vision casting, and more.

As I come alongside you, you will learn practical tips to help you avoid some of the most common pratfalls and gain tools to maximize your effectiveness as a leader.


The Process

I offer executive coaching through a process that occurs “on the court” of your day-to-day problem-solving needs. How? Through a prescribed series of virtual coaching sessions—conducted either in person or virtually—together we will create winning outcomes leveraging your professional strengths and fortifying any identified areas of deficiency.

Unlike a counselor or mentor—who typically tell clients what to do—coaching is more like an excavating tool that uncovers the courage, power, and greatness hidden within you. The process involves a give and take of information related to your specific issues. In the end, you will discover the solutions as I, the coach, use my expertise to guide you to the next level.

Here’s how it flows: Over the course of nine months, we will meet virtually, using a system of prescheduled 90-minute conference calls held once a month. I will facilitate the call using a customized curriculum. Take a look at the links below to see what you can expect.


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